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Building Dreams With Vision


'Fantastic model! I love the care and attention given to detail, historical accuracy, and quality. The combination of historical perspective, craftsmanship and artistry is wonderful. I hope this is the first of many models."
Tom McAulife

"This kit is very 'classy'-it demands a respect for the subject a well a high degree of dedication to the art of model building. You have created a model that truly requires one to 'build' and not merely 'piece together'. As an aerospace engineering major, I have a deep respect for the dreams of flight: Thank you for creating a model with such historical, as well as imaginative,
Mike Moser

"I am a master Model builder, Sr. Industrial Designer. I found your model challenging and well worth the price. I love the model and it is hanging in my office with a scale mannequin flying it."
Thomas H. White

"As an experienced model builder I am impressed by the time and effort put into this beautiful replica. One can feel the history and indeed live it to some extent by immersing oneself into the creation and construction of the flying machine. I will relish building this model. Thank you for bringing a great man's work to life."
Barry Dworkin

"I have put together kits for my puppetry workshops around the country. I am completely baffled at the amount of work which you put into this kit."
Gail E. Haley

"Being an avid modeler I was very excited when I received this kit for my birthday. This has built into a fine model and represents a truly unique subject; it shows front and centre in my collection."
Leslie Sweet

”It was the most fun, backbreaking and addictive project I ever worked on. So I thank you for the sleepless nights, the stiff neck and the beautiful product. Do you create any other works of art I can put together?"
Ruth Berjda

"I am nine years old and it took me from Nov.24th to Feb. 15th. It was one of the hardest projects I have ever accomplished but it was cool." Harrison Grace, 9 years old"This is the third model that I have constructed of Leonardo's and it looks to be the most promising. Thank you for all of the personal touches that have gone into this kit for they only enhance the experience."
Kenneth Jameson Parker

"Great project. I've really enjoyed working with this kit during my spare time while working as an airline mechanic. Fellow mechanics and pilots have shown a great deal of interest in watching my DaVinci ornithopter take shape."
Christopher A. Koberg

"WWWOOOAAAAUUUU! It's such a beautiful piece of art. There are no words in English or Spanish that
would be fair enough to describe the beauty of this model. I can only say this: it's inspirational."
Sergio Enrique

"A beautiful but intimidating model. Very nicely packaged, designed and presented. We saw a full-scale model of this at a museum in Florence, Italy (Palazzo Strozzi) exhibit on renaissance engineers. That inspired the purchase & undertaking of the model."
Jeffrey McAndrews & Kevin Fesley

"When I saw your fine kits at the Museum Company I had one thought...I cannot live another minute with-
out them. I bought both the flying machine and the air screw. Two days later I decided that I needed more so I bought two more flying machine kits. Thank you for opening new horizons in model making."
Stephen C. Thacker

"The best and most interesting kit I have done. I have built kits for 40 years and this is by far the most interesting and fun I have had with a model. I enjoyed the use of various materials in making this kit and the wing plan is great."
Don Walters

"Wow! Definitely a challenging kit. I have modeled for some years but this is something else! Very impressive drawings and photos. Knowing that this was originally created by Leonardo DaVinci definitely inspires me to take the utmost care and preparation prior to construction."
Bill Balding

"You have done a marvelous job! I was recently in the process of assessing the practicality of scratch building this project having seen a 1/2 scale model as a child in a museum, recently acquiring "Leonardo" software for my children and seeing a model (yours) on Star Trek Voyager! I am fully satisfied with your kit – it feels like scratch building-but without the headaches."
Barclay G Caras, M.D.

"I write this prior to building it, but it looks like a masterpiece on all levels; from initial presentation and choices of materials to the attention to details in construction. This was clearly a major labor of love to produce this kit and it will be matched to assemble it."
Ben Brigham

"I've built 6 gas-powered planes and 3 sailplanes. After all of those planes I can definitely say that this model is by far the most beautiful and exciting model I have had the pleasure of building. Thanks for all the fun."
Brian Biggie

"Beautifully presented and detailed. The plans are enjoyable on their own."
Raoul Wolf

"This instant I saw it I had to have it! This is a wonderful model. It is obvious that every step was thoroughly thought out and planned so that everyone who makes the effort to build the flying machine can truly savor it."
Robin Watson

"Working through its construction is like taking a step through some sort t of intellectual time machine."
Alan E. Susekind

"By far the most elegant model I have come across in a long time."
Louis F. Montana

"Superlative design a pleasure.”
Robert Moncrieff

"Saved three months for this wondrous kit. Overjoyed by my purchase."
William James

"It has been one of the most beautiful gifts, because this is a symbol of a dream. A dream of mankind."
Rodrigo Gonzalez

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